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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Internet-only suppression order

To those seeking to overturn Judge David Harvey’s Internet-only suppression order I can only say: be careful what you wish for.

I have no knowledge of this case beyond what’s in the media, but I do know that Judge Harvey is an expert at the Internet and its relevance to law. If he has some reason for suppressing these names on the Internet but not elsewhere then I am certain that reason makes sense legally. If people persist in taking the name from other media and putting on the Internet then Judge Harvey’s attempt will fail. If that happens, you can be certain that the next time a case like this rolls around the suppression will be blanket, not just the Internet.

I’m amazed that the off-line media are challenging this decision (reportedly).

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  1. The challenge would be based on the sheer wrongheadedness of the idea of singling out some media as somehow being more suppression-worthy than others. If you’re going to suppress, either do a blanket suppression, or don’t suppress at all.

    This is the same Judge Harvey who tried to suppress the name of that US billionaire prosecuted for bringing illegal drugs into NZ, only to see the name splattered all over the Internet.

    Comment by Lawrence D'Oliveiro — 28 August 2008 @ 12:34 pm

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