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Friday, September 12, 2008

iTunes 8 crashes Vista & more…

Apparently it’s true – if you upgrade your iTunes to the latest version 8 on your Vista machine, the whole machine will crash when you connect an iPod.

That’s a shame, because the Genius facility on iTunes 8 is rather good – it suggests things you might like and haven’t already heard, and it will build you a playlist of things you already own based on a song you select. Cool. I can see I’m going to use this a lot.

But for now, it’s no good to you if you are running Vista. No doubt Apple will fix this, but in the meantime, hold off on upgrading to iTunes 8 if you are on Vista.

Update: This has now been fixed. It’s now safe to update your iTunes to version 8 even if you have Vista. If you have Vista and an “old” copy of iTunes 8, you may need to remove iTunes and reinstall. Happy downloading!

Further update:The latest whizzy iPod touches won’t work on WPA-secured WiFi networks. This is a biggie – you’d be nuts to “secure” your network using anything else. Don’t Apple test things any more? I suppose we’ll see an update pushed to squash this bug, as well.

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