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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Radio New Zealand slot

Starting today, I’m sharing the Thursday morning Radio New Zealand technology slot with Nathan Torkington. Nat has done it before when I’ve been away, and he’s very good. He’s a kiwi who came back after an illustrious career in the States.

Nat and I will do alternate Thursdays. He’s up today, so be sure to listen!

Here’s a funny to keep you going until 11am:

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the Pink Tiara goes to…

Last night I went to the Unlimited Potential event in Wellington at which four bloggers tried to predict the future. The prize is the pink tiara, which the proud winner gets to wear until next year’s event.

The bloggers, who were all great sports, were:

Frankly, it wasn’t intended to be very serious – the prize rather signals that, don’t you think – and it wasn’t serious at all. The bloggers had each clearly thought about their stuff, and came out with a range of predictions ranging from things that had already been announced (The Australasian Linux conference will be in Wellington next year) to the likely (Windows 7 will sell better than Vista) to the, well, superficially improbable (Apple will take 75% of the laptop market). The audience lapped it up, with only a modicum of friendly advice and comment to the bloggers, ably abetted by the MC. The winner was chosen by the highly scientific method of seeing who got the loudest applause, whistling, and cat-calls from the audience.

And who won? Well… (more…)

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Monday, January 26, 2009

I’m back

After a break in Europe, then a few days in Abel Tasman National Park to re-connect with summer.

I saw a lot of interesting things:

  • Free Wi-Fi is becoming the norm in UK Hotels, it would seem. I wonder when that will happen here?
  • Proximity cards make such good ski lift tickets. All you have to do is wave your arm the turnstile and it lets you through. It would be great to see that here, as well.
  • The tube is still hell on wheels. I’m glad I live somewhere where mass rapid transport is unnecessary.
  • It’s fashionable in the UK to complain about the BBC. Please, please, please can I have a feed of it here?
  • Bletchley Park, which I posted about at the time, was just about holy ground.

All in all, I’m convinced that New Zealand is a wonderful place to live.

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