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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ding! Dong! The witch is dead!

Today’s news is that SCO has filed for bankruptcy. This is entirely deserved as I have blogged before. The alternative for SCO would have been to face a trial next week which would only have decided how much it owed the companies against which it has pursued abusive lawsuits. But SCO can’t afford that, not after its claims to ownership to Linux have been judged to be baseless.

Remember, SCO’s legal action is the thing which has been held up as the risk over using Linux over the last few years. SCO has never produced a shred of evidence that Linux was copied from Unix, and now it has been found not to own Unix anyway the whole thing is moot.

This outcome gives the lie to those companies who have used the litigation as a bogeyman to say that people shouldn’t use Linux. But the main point is that SCO has been arguing that it owned something it doesn’t and has been threatening people on that basis. And it’s been called to account for that.

Companies and government agencies no longer need to be afraid to admit they use Linux. That’s the real benefit – the scary witch is indeed dead.

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