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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Co-working comes to Wellington

Recently I went to the launch of Altspace, a co-working venue in Wellington. Co-working is a phenomenon among tiny companies and freelancers. The idea is, that you join a club where there are desks, meeting rooms and an Internet connection. You bring your own phone and laptop. You pay a membership fee and that gives you access to the club, and to a network of other clubs around the world.

Why would people do this? Many of us can’t justify offices of our own. But co-working is a bit more than a serviced office. Co-working stresses interactions among its members – hence the name. Sometimes it’s more productive and more fun to work in the company of others, rather than alone in a home office.

Co-working looks to be the start of something new. It looks really interesting. I hope it takes off.

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