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Monday, December 17, 2012

People should be allowed to have red cars!

Dear Editor

I am writing to ask why people are not allowed to have red cars. Some of my friends’ favourite colours are red, but they are not able to have their cars painted this way. Why?

I have seen people writing in your newspaper to say that cars are meant to be black and it is simply wrong to paint them any other colour. They generally don’t explain why they think this, except to point to the manufacturers’ books that say cars must be made black (but don’t justify this). For heaven’s sake! This is the twentieth century and we have moved on so far since cars were invented. Back then, some people said that having any kind of car was wrong – look how they’ve changed once they have got used to the idea.

Others have said, if my friends have red cars, that their black cars will be worth less somehow. Nonsense! There’s absolutely no reason to assume that. They can keep driving round the black cars they’ve always had. Some of the sillier of these people have even said that, if we let people paint cars red, they will want to go around painting other things red, like horses and dogs. What a crazy thing to say!

The most honest people who don’t want people to have red cars say it’s because they just don’t like them. Some of the people who use other arguments really think this, as well, but they don’t like to say it in public. But no-one is going to force them to have a red car. They can keep having a black one, or none at all. Other people having red cars won’t affect them at all.

I’m asking everyone who doesn’t think there should be red cars – think about why you oppose them. Why is it your business to try to stop something that won’t affect you and will make other people happy?


Red Car Lover

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